4 of the best tips you’ll ever hear for a successful online application

Know the company back to front.
Before you apply to that graduate program, gather all the information you can on the company. Become their eyes and ears. Look at their annual report, trawl their website and read the news in their industry. Why? Because employers can tell the difference between a candidate who’s serious about working at their company and one who has sent out the same application to every other employer.


Go above the clichés.
The Big Four Accounting firms know that they are the best in industry, and in the world. Don’t be clichéd and remind them when they ask why you picked them.

Sure you can let them know, but be the student that brings them something more. If you want to work for KPMG, then research their specific values, read up on what they do for the community, and look up the opportunities they offer that no one else can give you. Tell them about those things instead.


Concentrate like you’ve never concentrated before.
Do not leave your application to the last day. Gather all of the information that might come in handy. Get into a quiet space. Pace yourself. Read the instructions carefully. Be as uptight as you can be about spelling errors. Take it seriously because if you don’t there are hundreds of other students that will.


Think hard about what you can bring the table.
So many students write bland responses to online application questions – about how they did a group assignment or operated a cash register at the local store – and think that this will be sufficient. You can take it from us, it won’t be.

Think about what the employer is asking, and prove to them beyond all reasonable doubt why you have you are the person they are looking for.

If it was in a university assignment, be specific, descriptive and show them something exceptional. Did you skilfully orchestrate the meeting of five students every Monday afternoon, take initiative to call companies to get real world information not considered by your peers, implement your campaign into the real world, raise $10,000 and / or win the award for best project in the class?


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