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Unigrad is the award-winning job board and online career resource that connects employers with top student and recent graduate talent. As the most popular online resource for students and grads looking for meaningful, career launching opportunities, there's no better place to share your recruitment message and reach top quality talent.

  • Attract, target and recruit top talent
  • Students and grads come to Unigrad for the purpose of learning about employers like you and the meaningful job opportunities that you offer
  • Broadcast your recruitment message - Branding and targeting opportunities put you in front of the right students and grads at the right time
  • Position your employer brand - From employee profiles to dedicated articles, be front and centre as students and grads navigate the school-to-work transition
  • Market your job opportunities - Whether you want to reach a targeted demographic or a broad pool of potential hires, Unigrad ensures that the right candidates know about your opportunities.

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