HoneywellIt’s a multidimensional environment that requires you to adapt while remaining nimble and confident in your ability to handle demanding situations – sometimes singlehandedly across multiple projects.

There are the greatest variety of challenges, experiences and responsibilites for you to choose from, all whilst been supported by a group of experts from around the world.

There are currently no specific opportunities available but visit our website to find out what is coming up.

1. What unique benefits do you offer? By joining Honeywell you gain access to a global innovative leader that offers you challenging and diverse work. 

2. How are employees recognised? We have a formal recognition program to recognises outstanding performance and our Honeywell behaviours.  

3. What training and development do you offer your grads? Our grad training has 3 areas of focus: technical training, Honeywell business knowledge and personal leadership. 

4. How would you describe your facilities? We have open plan offices to help foster team work and collaboration. 

5. What kind of things do you have in place that promote health and wellbeing? We sponsor various community sporting events across the country - i.e. city to surf. 

6. How does your company promote corporate social responsibility? We have a global CSR program – Honeywell Hometown Solutions program – 

7. What’s the most exciting or significant project your company has taken on over the last 12 months? Too many to list - have a look at our website to see some of our recent projects: 

8. What does your company do better than your competitors? We are a truly global company so we have a number of global knowledge sharing forums to ensure that we are sharing best practices across the globe. 

9. How can a graduate stand out in your application process? We are keen to find people who are as passionate as we are about what we do. We are keen to see that you have done your research on Honeywell and understand what we do and why you want to join us. 

10. What would your graduate employees say was the most fun day at work last year? All the graduates got together from across Australia and New Zealand to meet and each other and complete a 3 day early leadership program.

“The challenges are great, but you’ll have the opportunity to work and learn from the global industry experts and discover what you’re truly capable of in the company of some incredibly talented, down-to-earth peers.”

INDUSTRY: Engineering/IT

DEGREE(S): Engineering – Electrical, Mechanical,
Mechatronics, Chemical; IT – Software Engineering


APPLICATION: 03/03/14 - 03/04/14

ADDITIONAL: Entry level role