Understanding Internships: Snapshot of an Internship at Westpac Institutional Bank

Understanding Internships: Snapshot of an Internship/Vacation program at Westpac Institutional Bank

What makes your internship/vac program unique?

Westpac Institutional Bank’s (WIB) 10 week internship program offers the opportunity for you to work for one of Australia’s leading Institutional banks. We ensure an easy transition into your role with our internship/graduate buddy program and have developed the framework needed to get the most out of your internship.

The program also offers prospective interns the ideal opportunity to position themselves for future graduate roles within WIB and once you are a part of the Westpac Group you won’t stand still; you will have a range of future career paths to pursue as our multi-brand strategy gives you the power to choose which member of the family is right for you.

At the Westpac Group, one door opens many more.

What key skill and development opportunities can I expect to achieve by completing an internship at the Westpac Group? 

The key skills you develop will vary depending on which program you undertake, however all of our interns work closely with experienced market practitioners who provide guidance over the course of the program. Throughout the 10 week period you will interact with various business units, providing an excellent opportunity to network and receive on-the-job training.

How is the internship structured and what kind of support can I expect throughout the process? 

Although allocated to a particular team, the program also provides interns with a broad overview of a variety of roles across Westpac Institutional Bank. You will receive support from a dedicated Placement Manager as well as a previous graduate who will show you the ropes and ensure a smooth transition into your internship with WIB.

How long is a typical internship: both in terms of hours per week, and length in weeks/months? 

The Summer Internship Program commences at the beginning of December 2013 and will run for ten (10) weeks until the beginning of February 2014 and thsi consists of full time hours, Monday to Friday.

What can I expect to be paid as an intern? 

Each year, we review student salaries against the marketplcace to ensure that interns are paid a competitive salary.

Is the application process extremely competitive? How many applications do you typically receive and how many positions are available? Do you have a grade point average requirement. 

Although our application process is competitive, don’t let this deter you! We carefully review each online application against the selection criteria and the requirements of each area. We do hire a number of interns each year across multiple cities with opportunities to network with various departments across Westpac Group.

Do I need to be studying a ‘relevant’ degree or will you consider me if I’m fabulous, regardless of which degree I’m in? 

Westpac Group encourages students from all types of degrees to consider programs that apepal to them. When assessing, we’re looking to find well-rounded students who can demonstrate that their values align to those of Westpac Group’s, are involved in the community, participate in extra-curricular activities and have some work experience.

Some of our programs may highlight certain degrees that are suitable, however this does not mean that students from other disciplines cannot apply or won’t be considered.

Given the fact that I’m a student and might not have a great deal of relevant work experience, what exactly are you looking for in an applicant and how can I set myself apart? 

First of all, you need passion – passion to challenge your potential. You also need to share our values on Delighting Customers, One Team, Integrity, Courage and Achievement.

If you have these qualities, you will also need:

  • To be a student (undergraduate or postgraduate) in your second last year of study
  • A credit average university result
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Leadership qualities, demonstrated by employment history or extra-curricular activities.
  • Australian/New Zealand Citizenship or Permanent Residency.

Have your academic transcript and resume ready. You’ll need them to complete the online application form. Keep your answers short and to the point, especially in text boxes, where space is limited. Apply early. 

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